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Carousel Mall - San Bernardino's Downtown City Center

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What is happening? The City of San Bernardino of San Bernardino (or the Agency for the Former Redevelopment Agency) is holding the mall hostage for a half baked plan to tear it down, even though the city is in BK and does not have the $12 million to tear it down to make a giant dirt hole in the center of downtown that they have no money to fix! Hence they are not leasing to anyone thus causing even more debt to the city. 

 What should be happening....(below) 

Carousel Mall is a small business development zone that provides an incubator of opportunity, and a friendly atmosphere for individuals, and new businesses with more than affordable office and retail space.

They could offer short 2 year leases to small businesses as an incubator for downtown SB while they negotiate through this process.  

We encourage the up and coming business entrepreneur or retailer.


The Mall provides a great space for those who may be in need of expanding an existing business or service from their home, or a business looking to grow from another smaller location. 


Many of the current retailers are businesses with healthy client lists who just needed more space, but can also benefit from an occasional visit from a mall patron. More information on leasing can be found on our contact page...


We invite you to come home to the Carousel Mall...


Leasing office

Sam Catalano, General Manager

295 Carousel Mall (located just outside at the mall entrance to the pedestrian bridge)

(909) 884-0106